Wish list

So much is online, but there could be more. Here is a wish list of what would be of great benefit in researching Queensland history.

Queensland Parliamentary Papers

The top of my list, and by a considerable margin is digitising the Queensland Parliamentary Papers. The QPP comprises annual reports of government departments, reports of Royal commissions and parliamentary enquiries into a wide range of topics.

I suspect that many researching Queensland history are not aware of the value of the QPP. First, hard copies are only in a few libraries. The University of Queensland, in its wisdom decided to remove for the shelves the QPP from 1902 onwards. It is available on microfilm. QPP is something to browse. Second, it is not easy to find material. They are inevitably large volumes of 1000 pages and more. The QPP is probably the most under utilised resource on Queensland history.

Other suggestions

  • Mahlstedt maps in the State Library
  • Steering Wheel Magazine
  • Verney images
  • BHG papers
  • Databases online
  • Libraries/collections in digital form but not online - eg Education Gazettes, Police Gazettes