For researchers of Queensland history, whether an academic, professional historian, dedicated researcher or just someone with a casual interest, the extent of online resources is remarkable and has revolutionised the research task. The number of different sites with material relating to Queensland history is astonishing. Additionally, some of the main websites are constantly adding material and it difficult to keep up with what new treasures are to be found.

Part of the problem is that using Trove newspaper search is so good, and often so fruitful, it is tempting to not search any further. Far from it.

This website is an attempt to document the extent of sites relating to Queensland history. Some might be well known, others not. As will be evident, there is an extraordinary array of material located, either in not so obvious places on even major websites, or on very obscure sites. The focus is on primary sources and not so much on contemporary works or materials.

The sites are arranged in three categories:
  • Archives and libraries - archives and libraries that have online resources on Queensland history
  • Government - government departments and agencies with online material
  • Other sites - major digital repositories, and sites maintained by individuals
  • Wish list - wish list of what material should be digitised.